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We are a Video Production Company in Bristol, South West England.

We have a small team of experienced creative minds who love making films, videos, animations and playing around with graphics.

Gallus Film and Media is a Video Production Company in Bristol. We are proud to work alongside our clients to create and realise their vision, whatever it may be.

We want… To build collaborative working relationships between filmmaker and client. To exceed expectations in our professional and personal service. To create the highest quality films and videos. To provide a service that is excellent value. To make the creative process an enjoyable experience. 

Our services include… corporate video, web based content, 3D or graphics, community or educational project and freelance videography and event cameras You can see some of our recent work here, read about the company here, read what others have said about us here and we invite you get in touch for a friendly, informal chat.

Film making and videography


  • To hold you audience’s attention for longer
  • To bring things to life and show ideas otherwise not possible
  • To deliver a lot of information in the shortest amount of time
  • To ensure a consistent brand value or corporate identity
  • To improve SEO and drive traffic to your website
  • To share information quickly and easily
  • To facilitate a wide reaching audience to any event
  • To give a personal touch
Why film and video


  • A sales tool to convey a consistent brand message?
  • Tell your company’s story on a website?
  • To promote your business to prospective clients?
  • Celebrate your establishments achievements?
  • Record a significant event?
  • Help team building with a collaborative project?
  • A training video?

Or, let’s talk through your ideas.

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