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Creative Filmmaking

What we do.

In essence, we create films and media productions for a diverse range of customers with a variety of different ambitions and objectives.

So far, we have worked within the following sectors:

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Events
  • Local councils
  • Community projects
  • Charities

So far, we have completed work and can show examples of the following. :

  • Promotional videos
  • Training videos
  • Brand value messages
  • Talking heads documentaries
  • Recording special events
  • Community collaborations
  • Celebratory films
  • Educational projects

We invite you to review these in our Portfolio section.

How we do it.

We aim to keep our process quick, simple and painless for our clients. We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly approach and will guide you through each stage as follows:

1. Consultation:  This is where we listen, collaborate, understand your goals and brainstorm initial ideas together.

2. Concept development: We skip off to finely tune our proposals for you to review and sign off.

3. Pre-production: We write scripts, prepare logistics, brief the crew and sort out any administration requirements.

4. Production: Its time for Lights, cameras, action!”

5. Post production: We scurry away again with our footage for the editing, animation and graphics input.

6. Delivery: We review the production together and tidy up any lose ends if so required.

It is as simple as that!

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