Bad Chicken Productions Becomes Gallus Film And Media

Bad Chicken Productions becomes Gallus Film and Media

Bad Chicken Productions becomes Gallus Film and Media

So this our first blog on our new web site!

We have taken the opportunity that comes with the summer holiday to give Bad Chicken Productions a revamp and a re-brand. We have now become Gallus Film and Media. Gallus is the Latin name for the chicken genus which means we can still keep our beloved egg logo. It also means daring in old Scottish as in “he’s so daring he must be fit to hang on the gallows”.

Over the last few months we have created videos, photography and digital media for Jelf International insurance, Glastonbury Festival‘s Poetry and Words stage, Tangent BooksStrode College  Somerset, Jump Fit Bristol and the Build Brothers.

We have also been working with the Jamie and his lovely team at New Vision Media, helping with camera work for some of their clients whilst they help us with developing our website. This relationship, we hope, will help both our companies provide an excellent service to all our clients.

We are really exited about the future, we have some great ideas and up coming productions for new and old clients (watch this space).

Till the next time:)

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